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For all my candle lovers, candle care and wick trimming is vital in order to get the best performance out your candle.


Keep reading and allow me to drop some nuggets of information and teach you everything about the wick trimmer!


What is a wick trimmer?  


Similar to a pair of "scissors" - with its curved shape, the wick trimmer is a handy and easy to use tool for trimming candle wicks after a burn to achieve a long lasting and clean burn.


Why do you need to trim your wick?


It's important for so many reasons!


  • Clean burn: avoid dark smoke. 
  • Clean container: avoid smoky candle jars.
  • Better fragrance diffusion: enhance the scent diffusion while burning.
  • Burn safely: a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous.
  • Prevent mushrooming: remove the build-up of carbon.


How (and how often) do you use a wick trimmer?


Trim your wick every time you use your candles.




  1. Place the wick trimmer handle inside the rim of the jar.
  2. Bring the blades towards the wick parallel to the wax.
  3. Cut the wick to a height of about 4/5 mm
  4. Throw the wick debris


So, this essential tool is great for maintaining your candle's wick properly. Our heavy-duty metal wick trimmer clips your wick to the perfect length to ensure a clean burn, a long lasting candle, and maximum fragrance!

Wick Trimmer


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